Alexandra Nechita

Alexandra Nechita began working in pen and ink at the age of two. By age five she had graduated to watercolors. At seven she was using oils and acrylics. She has successfully broken the million dollar level. Her first show was in 1994, and today she has over 300 paintings. At age twelve, Alexandra was painting at a level comparable to such greats as Picasso and Matisse. In Whoopi Goldberg’s opinion, “The thumb print of the Great One is on her.”

Alexandra Nechita’s first exhibit was a one-woman (child) show held at a Los Angeles-area public library when she was just eight years old. Her talent was instantly recognized as capacity crowds came to see the “petite Picasso” as the press had labeled her. She was immidiately offered an exhibit at the prestigious (non-profit) Mary Paxon Gallery where the exhibit attracted the attention of legitimate art critics and the media who began telling the world about this rarest of child prodigies – an abstract cubist painter who had only recently turned nine years old.


National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. ….. 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards ….. “Because You Love What You Do”

Polaroid: ….. 50th Anniversary “Portrait Of America”

Andre Agassi Foundation: ….. An Intimate Celebration ….. “From My Heart To Your Heart”

Siam Yamaha Corp. ……Bangkok, Thailand . “All For One, One For All”

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