Contemporary Baskets

Chris Wooten

ARTIST STATEMENT I am a 3D multimedia artist, living and working in Browns Point, WA. I’ve been an artist my entire life and have worked in a variety of mediums to bring my ideas to reality, from painting to printmaking, paper casting to sculpture, and most recently woven wire. Using

“All Things Considered” Basketry in the 21st Century

Open from July 20th through August 26th. Opening Reception July 20th 4-7. “All Things Considered” Basketry in the 21st Century is presented by the National Basketry Organization. It is the ninth in a series of juried biennial exhibitions intended to show a broad view, both

John Skau

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Jill Nordfors Clark

The native people of the Canadian and Alaskan far north, who historically used seal and walrus gut to make clothing and vessels, inspire my work with hog gut (better known as sausage casing). While seal and walrus gut are protected by law and can be used only by indigenous people, hog