Catherine Colsher

Catherine Colsher’s personal visions are expressed through her finely detailed hand colored copperplate etchings and original paintings. Her work has received numerous awards and recognition, and they are appreciated for their intricate and complex detail. Though never formally

Beki Killorin

“In the creative process, I try to not let the subject matter carry the painting but allow my own self-expression to create the artistic emotion and essence of the subject so that you, the viewer, can complete the story.” Beki Killorin, received most of her training in art

Brett Varney

My inspiration is born from the works of Matisse, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Kandinsky and others. I am fascinated by the ability of intense color and texture of line to convey an emotional expression from the artist to the viewer. I create images that are recognizable to welcome the viewer i

Yuji Hiratsuka

Yuji Hiratsuka has spent approximately the last decade in the U.S. studying and teaching. He has had more than forty one-man shows in the U.S. His compositions have a slight suggestion of ukiyo-e prints, yet his interpretation and style are distinctively his own. His personal statemen

Yoko Hara

Yoko Hara is an exciting young artist who received a Masters degree in painting from Musashino Art University, outside of Tokyo. Since school, she has chosen to work in the medium of etching, combining a variety of techniques such as aquatint and drypoint. In these delicate intaglio p

Art Hansen

In 1952, at the age of 22, Art Hansen received a Pulitzer Prize and hosted his first solo exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. In 1953, he received a Fullbright Fellowship, which allowed him to travel overseas where he studied at the Academie de Bilenden Kunste in Munich, Germany. Si