Metal Sculpture

Bill Wentworth

Artist’s Statement Bill Wentworth In this world of rapidly accelerating advances in technology such as electronics, material sciences, robotics and other fields, We have seen computers shrunken from room-sized behemoths to pocket sized tools, materials evolve from early clay and bronz

Richard Heller

Walking into my studio and putting my hands on the not yet formed steel or terracotta is my job. What comes next is what comes next. The unknown becomes known. My interpretation of my art is only my perspective. No one needs my permission nor should they, to see sculpture in a way tha

Ned Block

“As I See It” Artist’s Statement Sculpture is “theater in the round”, a celebration of form that reflects the human experience and prods the spirit to rise. A sculptor explores classic artistic values delineated by infinite space while pushing the intrinsic limitations of the material

Frank Janzen

About the Artist Frank is a Tamarind Master Printer who is currently the resident master printer at Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts. Located at St. Andrew’s Mission on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, he works with major and emerging artists to realize their work in the medium of

Metal Merged

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