Jill Nordfors Clark


When a Tree Falls in the Forest…

Contemporary Baskets


MATERIALS: hog casing, vintage crocheted lace TECHNIQUES: Needle lace: hand stitched and layered hog casing


MATERIALS: stitched hog casing, parachute cord, plastic rope, netting, Japanese fishing floats TECHNIQUES: Needle lace: hand stitched hog casing, incorporating beach combed debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami

Heading East

Hog casings – dyed, layered and stitched, stainless steel wire, parachute cord, and tortoise dyed cane.


Hog casings – stitched, parachute cord, and bamboo.

After Calder

Hog casings – dyed and stitched, parachute cord, and wire.