Bill Wentworth

Artist’s Statement Bill Wentworth In this world of rapidly accelerating advances in technology such as electronics, material sciences, robotics and other fields, We have seen computers shrunken from room-sized behemoths to pocket sized tools, materials evolve from early clay and bronze objects to aerospace grade titanium and carbon fiber, and robots which can now build other robots and program them to perform certain functions. With this evolution, is it not possible that in some future world, materials themselves will be able to think, evolve and even reproduce? My sculpture captures this possibility in an abstract, organic, botanical fantasy. Not representing any life form we know, these sculptures are simply a product of my imagination. They wrestle with the question: What would metal look like if it were to grow out of the ground like a plant, a flower, or a tree? Like the stem and leaves of any plant, these sculptures are my imagination’s interpretation of what earth’s life force would look like flowing up from the ground in this future world. What do you think metal would look like if it grew out of the ground?

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