Chris Wooten

I am a 3D multimedia artist, living and working in Browns Point, WA. I’ve been an artist my entire life and have worked in a variety of mediums to bring my ideas to reality, from painting to printmaking, paper casting to sculpture, and most recently woven wire.
Using a sculptural woven wire technique to make figurative pieces, the work is an ongoing exploration of the physical and emotional relationships between people, animals, plants and the natural environment.
My work is influenced by ancient and modern cultures and human connection to nature through rituals, dance, observation and interpretation. The current work is from 2 series. They are similar in that the figures are small, intimate, brightly colored, tightly woven, and display a joyful expression of the human figure.
“Tricks & Poses” comprise a number of small female entertainers conveying the magic in striking unique physical poses. Some are contained in vessels. They hang from above and can spin.
“Flower Girls” portray blooms at the resplendent point of full opening with parts of the flowers represented as female figures.
Weaving wire is very mesmerizing. The simplicity as well as the limitations of the materials are intriguing. The shape takes form in my hands and is like drawing in the air. Wires delineate forms, structure and musculature. There is lightness and transparency about the work, and strength too. The technique is exciting and provides many possibilities to explore.
I hope that viewers may engage in a moment of escape, happiness and wonder, a result of experiencing a joyful pose and being intrigued by the fine and intricately crafted woven wire.

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