Christian Charvet

Christian Charvet was born in Paris in 1940. He has regularly exhibited his paintings since 1970. He teaches painting and design in primary schools.

Charvet has made nearly twenty painting exhibitions in France and abroad and is part of the “Painters du Marais” group in Paris.

Selected Exhibitions:

1975 Town Museum of Colmar, Alsace Region. Winner of the Contemporary Art Prize.
1976 Arts and Culture Center, Motnargis.
1979 Regional Contemporary Art Center, Grenoble.
1994 La Table d’Emeraude Gallery, Monaco.
1996-97 Bazart European Art Tour.(Lyon, Toulouse, Paris, Nantes, and Marseille).
1998 Henriette Groll Center, Sassenage.
1999 Bazart European Art Tour. (Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona).

Charvet’s painting style has evolved through three main periods.
1970 – 1980 EARLY BLUE PERIOD The color was monochrome. It offered an inner thought space to a lonely Subject.
1980 – 1990 LATE BLUE PERIOD The subject is no longer alone. Social groups appear, represented within a carnival theme. The color is still monochrome and cold. The universe is being closed.
1990 – 2000 RED PERIOD The tone changes dramatically. Red color appears in the paintings. It had been there earlier – but beneath the surface of the blue tones. A series of studies on painters and poets initiated travels to the Middle East. In 1994 Charvet studies Arthur Rimbaud, a poet in Harare. Rimbaud inspires an entirely new composition. The Red intensifies, the style gains purity, and he reduces the image to the essential detail only. The troubled period in Rimbaud’s life is sublimated by high colors.

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