Danielle Desplan

I use painting/collage as a medium to translate impressions, emotions, and memories into a visual format.

The techniques involved are based on superimposition of several layers of painting and collage elements.

A very textured Japanese paper appears as the base layer. This layer begins with an abstract acrylic painting which is serves as a background. It is enhanced with watercolor – providing light to the painting.

Further collage elements include translucent rice paper, old letters, hand made papers, wallpapers etc.; Successive layers of collage bring a 3 dimensional effect to the work. The collage itself, usually torn from old books, is the main image.

Finally the artwork and collage are reworked with pastel, gold crayon, watercolor, scraping, and fading.”

By manipulating and layering formal and symbolic elements, Danielle Desplan’s artwork presents us with artwork that is simultaneously contemporary and classical.

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