Mary Arnold


From her earliest memory, Mary loved to draw and paint. When she started her career as an elementary teacher, she channeled her artistic talents toward creating bulletin boards and art projects for six and seven year olds but did little art for herself. After retirement, she embraced her artistic side and began drawing and painting again. At the same time, she also began to create representational quilts.

Mary’s photographs often provide the inspiration for her representational quilts. The photographs are transformed with a computer into designs that become her pictorial quilts. She uses a cut and paste approach to her art, using many techniques to achieve the effect she is looking for. Dense machine quilting add to the texture of Mary’s pieces and anchor the various elements of her quilts.

Mary’s paintings also come from her photographs. She paints several thin layers of acrylic paint to achieve her realistic and detailed paintings. She often paints the subject of her quilts first to work out style, design and color choices.

Mary’s work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and quilt shows locally, nationally, and internationally. Her quilts have also been published in magazines and art quilt books.

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