Contemporary Wood

Spheres Interrupted


Gingko Box


It Satisfied My Soul – 9

Birch, Lathe Turned

It Satisfied My Soul – 11

Walnut End-Grain, Lathe Turned

Sea Urchin Jewel Box

Walnut, Mexican Fan Coral & Sea Urchin

Summer Pine

Maple, African Blackwood, and Ebony

Spring Vessel #2

Maple, African Blackwood and Ebony

Springtime Dawn

Maple, African Blackwood, and Ebony


Reused Guitar Woods, Quilted Maple Soundboard and Macassar Ebony Fingerboards, with Acrylic Casting and Paua Shell from New Zealand

Island Caldera

Australian Yellow Box Burl with Acrylic Casting and Blue-Green Minerals