Ned Block

“As I See It”
Artist’s Statement

Sculpture is “theater in the round”, a celebration of form that reflects the human experience and prods the spirit to rise. A sculptor explores classic artistic values delineated by infinite space while pushing the intrinsic limitations of the material.

Both sculpture and painting are created on a continuum. It is the “continuum” that shapes great art, where the parts form a relationship to the whole – a shape, a line, a reflection, a shadow, a void – elements that lead your eye and demand your attention. It is as true in sculpture as in painting. I try to encourage you to visit my work in its entirety instead of being fixated on any particular facet. I want you to look around the corner to see what’s on the backside. It’s the continuum that draws you there.

As a theme, birds give me an opportunity to explore form and when I can expose a little of their whimsy, that’s a plus. While I’m quick to opt for form over reality, it’s important for me to hold a perspective about the responsibility an artist has to an audience; to struggle against internalizing art to the point where one has to wonder, “What’d he mean by that?” The trick is to constantly challenge the work’s ability to explain itself.

For me, the excitement comes in creating the armatures in wire and steel that are the linear implication of the forms to follow. I marvel at the manipulation of space by the barest twist or turn; the continuous movement of the material; the great surprises that occur while constructing these wonderful skeletons. Puddling the steel, molding the resin, the endless filling and sanding are both drudgery and delight. The reward is the work completed…”as I see it.”

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