Misty Martin

Artist Statement:

Beauty. It tends to assume many forms that blend from shape to perception. In humans, it’s the perfect symmetry of proportion: a curved back, the soft angle of a jaw. In nature, beauty can be crystalline, cuttingly bright, prismatic. Beauty is truly catholic. It can be in the softest bioluminescence or the darkest black hole. Everyone, every atom, even the underlying principles of the universe, follow a physical Occam’s Razor: the simplest is the most true.
Perception is limited by the small, but wondrous capability of the eye. In my work I’m forced to distill images and move through them until the final image shines through-complex, yes, but only by the building of simple blocks of color. Perception is the driving force behind art: how we see things; how we want others to see things. My goal is to have others see the beauty of man’s work as I see it. The hidden vistas of the city follow the same sort of beauty as does and open flower or a ripple of water.
Having traveled to different countries, I’ve experienced the ideals of beauty that other cultures hold dear. There may be other themes and motifs, but there is always something continuous in art. The memory of human hands is always on an object, it’s inescapable. In humanity’s search for truth and meaning, we’ve left traces of ourselves across space and time. We, as humans, build upon the forms that have come before and ultimately, our perception is never the same.