Rene Carcan

Rene Carcan was born June 25, 1925 in Brussels. As a young man Rene Carcan was a student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.  After studying with the painter Leon Devos, he was awarded a scholarship to study in Italy.  He later received a UNESCO fellowship in Rome and then Florence in 1958 and 1959.  Through 1963 he was further sponsored by the Belgian National Ministry of Fine Arts.  For several years he worked at the Friedlander Atelier in Paris where he perfected his etching technique.

Rene Carcan blends a French lightheartedness, a deep “joi de vivre”, and a sensuous enjoyment of color, with a Flemish sense of solidity, a seriousness of purpose, and a keen feeling for shape and volume. In his work Carcan reveals his joy in the discovery and experience of Nature.  For him Nature is both visible and invisible. Organic and ethereal. Mathematical and lyrical.

While his art reflects his love for the sun and the sea, the flowers and the trees, he carefully arranges these elements in a manner which fulfills his need for equilibrium and harmony. “Carcan’s work is the bond of affinity and affection that links man to nature, made visible, tangible, and consciously enjoyable by the mind as well as by the heart.” – Guy Toebosch.

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