Vladimir Shakov


I work in stone I collect locally from the Cascade foothills; nephrite, grossular garnet and other hard granite-like river rock that can take a good finish.

My work is about primal contemplative forms, having minimal surface planes and contours that bring the viewer to the qualities of the natural stone; its color, transparency and flow. I suggest forms that have universal attractiveness, like symbols or signs.

Historically some of the earliest stone carvings were Neolithic Chinese jades found in tombs. Culturally they were charged with spiritual meaning, perhaps partly because of the difficulty and lengthy time spent carving them. I feel a similar connection when carving, touching and viewing stone.

The stone dictates much of the design, based on its natural form and flaws. It’s a collaboration, often with exciting surprises.

I want my work to convey a vitality of its own, to pull in the viewer to contemplate the moment and react spontaneously with their own interpretations.

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