Yoko Hara

Yoko Hara is an exciting young artist who received a Masters degree in painting from Musashino Art University, outside of Tokyo. Since school, she has chosen to work in the medium of etching, combining a variety of techniques such as aquatint and drypoint. In these delicate intaglio prints the artist explore subtle themes that reveal an experienced and sophisticated eye.

Yoko cites travel in Southeast Asia, books and films as inspirations for her unique nonrepresentational prints. She says the resulting art represent a visual diary of the different experiences of her life.

Whether it is the warmth of color, or the choice of design, the viewer is immediately drawn to these prints. Some may be confused by the titles Yoko has given the images. Instead of using one or two word titles, most of Yoko’s prints have lengthy, enigmatic names that incorporate lines of poetic verse or other sayings. One example is “When counting sheep, the which must be counted, are they black or white No.2”. Such elliptical titles do not restrict the viewer’s appreciation, but rather spark the imagination.

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